Are Comic Apps v Educational Apps like Superman v Batman?

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In the very interesting video below, Paul Levitz of Cupcake Digital makes the point that Cupcake are providing new delights to a modern generation who are getting entertainment through this medium for the first time:

He is unbiased in his view due to his vast experience in comics, popular culture and the media. He adds that there is a place for the traditional comic book apps. The difference is the comic book apps take pre-created material and try to connect it to an audience that are used to it in its old form.

An example of this would be if you grew up in the 1980’s and remember the original Atari system. This may seem basic in comparison to new technology but was very successful in its day and is still popular today, albeit in a nostalgic way.

The characters that are referred to in this video are Superman and Batman and Paul Levitz’ impressive background more than speaks volumes making him an excellent authority on this topic.

Just as you could have a friendly discussion over who is the best Super Hero out of Superman and Batman which would probably involve listing their qualities such as flight, super strength and super vision for Superman versus the impressive superior intellect, gadgets and peak physical prowess of Batman; there could never be a concrete deciding answer as it is very objective and a matter of opinion and personal taste.

This could also be said about comic apps versus educational apps. A modern generation may argue with a traditional generation that they have the best technology which is true, but it should be remembered that without the more traditional apps, the modern apps could not have evolved. Both should be respected and complement each other.

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