Are Juices Beneficial For Kids? (PART 2)

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Another US expert nutrition expert, Dr Richard Scorby presents another side of the picture, He says that a major harm that can be done by fruit juices to the kid's diet is that It provides the kid with more than needed Sugar, Carbohydrates and Fats because usually less fruit is eaten but a glass of juice can contain a lot more fruits and that results into a lot more Fats in the kid's diet than usual. And more than needed fats can make the kid fat which is not surely a good thing.

Another major issue is that Juices lack the fibre of the fruit. It has also been observed that some kids start to fill up their bellies with just the juices and this behaviour can be harmful to the kid's health.

Latest researches have also bring up this information that Juices can make us Fat. The reason of this is that Juices and other liquids don't send signals to the brain that belly is full and it results into Kids taking a lot more Juice than needed, which in end leads the kid towards fatness. Moreover, with juices, sugar level in blood increases significantly. And this also can lead the kids towards fatness and even diabetes.

From all the above arguments, American experts concluded that kids must take the necessary nutrition from fruits rather than fruit juices. But If they does not like fruits much, then they should be provided with juices. But the Juices should be 100% pure and chemical free. A mother can also add little water in the juice to lower the sugar level.

It is also important to know that how much Juice should be given to a kid? Experts say that the kids who are not more than one year old should not be given any fruit juice. Kids with age range 1-6 can have 4-6 ounce Juice per day. And the children with age range 7-18 can take up to 8-12 ounce juice in a day.

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