Are women smart enough to play office politics?

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Mastering the art of politics, particularly in an office dominated by males can prove challenging for most female colleagues. But they have to play or they will be left behind.

Office politics is not always gossips and rumours about ineffective topics, but the management deliberately leaks information onto the office grapevine to observe the response and feedback of the employees.

Female perceive that politics is a dirty game so hesitates stepping into the shoes. Just lay down the thought that everyone ought to play the game in order to sustain. Map the moral boundaries.

Office politics is more about Organisational awareness, understanding, communication and relationship to make personal commitments to your strategic advantage. A more politically adept female can build a reputation as an expert or a leader who can influence the outcome and initiate ideas and tasks. Politically active corporate ladies are more accessible towards resources, information and opportunities.

Least assured that no one will bother to propagate your achievement unless you yourself take a stride. A woman has to reach out to discuss her role, contribution and future with the company. Women can’t wait for companies to tell them what’s next in their career.

It’s relatively better be political enough than to be sidelined. 

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