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[Artificial Inteligence] DeepMind Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: gpbnews, edit by Amber255 via bitLanders

 DeepMind was created in 2010 by three men: Demis Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman, and Shane Legg. Before that, Hassabis and Legg were already familiar at the University College London, where they worked together. The reason for creation - AGI (it means Artificial general intelligence). AGI is some kind of intellectual computer program able to perform smart tasks the same good as a person, or even better. Same companies made and persons such as E. Musk made sufficient investments to DeepMind.

AGI was created to perform a few tasks at the same time: to keep a relaxed conversation with strangers, to play chess, understand the works of physics, translate languages, write novels, recognizing people in photos. they should succeed in many other tasks too. All these tasks are currently performed by much separate artificial intelligence that we have in our phones and computers. The only one who was able to perform all these tasks was a human being. But the power of our brain is limited by a little amount of energy.

Since AGI is created to run on computers, so it will not have any such restrictions as we, humans, have. Only the number of computer processors can limit AGI intelligence.

In 2014, Google acquired DeepMind. the first investors got a very high percentage of profit.

We’re on a scientific mission to push the boundaries of AI, developing programs that can learn to solve any complex problem without needing to be taught how.

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Achievements of DeepMind

2015, AlphaGo System Success - The development of the AlphaGo system brought success to the company. This system won against a professional Go game player. It happened because DeepMind succeeded in creation of a neural network. It can learn video games and plays with human capabilities.

In 2016, Google has opened free access to its artificial intelligence. Google DeepMind, an Alphabet Inc. division of artificial intelligence (AI) development, has launched its platform. The DeepMind source code for machine learning becomes completely free of charge. Now anyone can download the code and configure it to train their artificial intelligence systems.

In 2016, the creation of DeepMind Health - The creation of the DeepMind Health division was announced. It was led by Mustafa Suleiman, one of the founders of the company. It was reported that in its work, DeepMind Health will work with the NHS of Great Britain to provide doctors with technical expertise to develop and improve patient care technologies. Big attention was paid to patient data security and privacy.

Inside DeepMind - Video credit: youtube

At this time, DeepMind Health is working on the creation of electronic tools that simplify the work of the doctor. A smartphone application was introduced to more accurately diagnose the acute renal failure. DeepMind also bought a medical application, a task manager for doctors.

In 2016, DeepMind also got a task of generating radiation charts for radiotherapy of cancer tumors. Google DeepMind received two medical diagnostic tasks: to determine renal failure and senile macular degeneration of the retina. Now it begins to help doctors and in treatment. More precisely, in the formation of an irradiation map during radiotherapy of cancerous tumors in the head and neck, which is created by the results of tomography.

The fact is that the radiation map in these areas must be super accurate and an experienced specialist needs at least 4 hours of routine work to compile it. So far, artificial intelligence will not be fully trusted in such an important matter, but the idea is that after its work, the physician will need only 1 hour to compile the map. And this should reduce the cost and speed up the treatment of many people.

 In 2018, Google joins the DeepMind Medical Project to Create AI Assistants for Carers and Doctors. In the same year, DeepMind fully automated Google data center cooling. Thanks to this, the company was able to reduce its energy consumption by 30%.


[Artificial Inteligence] DeepMind Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: querlo

In the same year, DeepMind is creating the Streams application with which it will be possible to identify patients who may develop acute renal failure, and for this company needed information about real patients. The organization received information about more than one and a half million patients, including such information as drug use experience, abortion, HIV status.

In 2019, DeepMind helps Google boost wind farm productivity by 20%. It became known that DeepMind researchers were able to teach the neural network prediction. What exactly I am talking about? Its AI is able to predict the windmills' performance in even 36 hours and also the weather in a chosen particular area. Using this algorithm has improved Google’s wind power productivity by 20 percent.

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On A Final Note 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a cybernetic mind, but a system of algorithms based on machine learning. Scientists believe that in the future, AI will free us from performing routine tasks in many areas. For example, artificial intelligence can have a major impact on medicine. And DeepMind is famous in this sphere already.

DeepMind created artificial intelligence with spatial thinking skills.

DeepMind believes that its AI system needs to be improved. However, the developers note that this neural network can become the basis for other advanced computer programs.

I think, in the future, artificial intelligence will help solve the problems of climate and aging but I would emphasize the need to control AI and openly publish research in this area.


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