[Artificial Intelligence] 5 Lessons From the Movie Wall-E

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What could happen if we depend too much on technology?

 Hello! In this edition of my cblog, we will discuss Five Lessons we could learn from the movie Wall-E, particularly on what could happen if we depend too much on technology.

On the side, we will also see what could happen to our planet if we don’t manage our garbage properly.

In the Disney movie Wall-E, we take a glimpse of the future if we don’t stop creating garbage also, this movie also shows us what could happen if we rely on technology on everything that we do every day.

5 Lessons From the Movie Wall-E


Screenshot of the c-blog: 5 Lessons From the Movie Wall-E.

In this movie, we could learn at least five lessons and see what could happen to the whole planet and humankind if we continue to do what most of us are doing today. Namely, too much commercialism, resulting in unmanageable disposal of garbage.

Interact in this cblog and learn those five lessons.




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