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[Artificial Intelligence] Get the most out of Microsoft Cortana  - Photo credit: lemagit.fr, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

We live in a very interesting time. A few years ago only in fantastic blockbusters, it was possible to see how it is possible to control the device with the help of voice commands. But everything changes and the capabilities of operating systems are changing. Windows 10 has a voice assistant - Cortana. Its appearance was quite logical because Apple has long used Siri, and Google is constantly improving its Google Assistant.

Cortana from Microsoft, what is it?

Technically, Cortana should be created only after 500 years, but this did not prevent the developers from Microsoft from bringing it to life. Cortana is artificial intelligence from the Xbox-exclusive series of Halo games. A virtual assistant from Microsoft was named in honor of this game. 

Cortana in reality, outside of games, is an artificial intelligence designed to facilitate your work at a computer, console or mobile device.

With Cortana, as with any other personal virtual assistant, you can plan things, find information on the Internet, and manage devices of the Internet of things (not all of them support the work with the system). It appeared with the mobile version of Windows 8.1, now it is one of the integrated functions of Windows 10 (both main and mobile), as well as for the Xbox. Additionally, it is supported by Android and iOS systems.

Cortana can set reminders, recognize natural voice without the requirement for keyboard input, and answer questions using information from the Bing search engine.

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Cortana was made unobtrusive as a good, live personal assistant. It does not send a bunch of unnecessary notifications and generally resembles an advanced notebook. Artificial Intelligence can be banned from reading email or entering certain applications. So it will develop on your terms, will not gather anything from what you do not want to let him know about you.

It is noteworthy that this virtual assistant came out earlier than Windows users saw it. However, even in view of this factor, the Microsoft assistant is not available to all computer owners on the operating system of developers from San Francisco.

Also, the functionality of Cortana does not shine with the super artificial intelligence, so it's not very much competitive with global giants Siri and Google Assistant. The assistant can do the basic tasks envisaged in similar developments, but its level does not reach the industry leaders.

Cortana works with a variety of operating systems. It was developed under Windows, but in the end, it was adapted for Android and iOS. Cortana already works in the latest version of the operating system for Xbox One, becoming a part of all Microsoft platforms.

Cortana: Your Assistant for Life - Video credit: youtube

Cortana will not book you at the beauty salon by telephone, will not call a taxi based on your location and will not have a lot of other features available from competitive helpers. But this development still has a certain number of options that are unique in their way.

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Cortana will be completely separated from Windows 10 and become a separate application. Currently, the beta version of Cortana has appeared in the Windows Store app store, from where anyone can download it.

This suggests that Microsoft will update the voice assistant in the future separately from the software platform. This approach will help Cortana get new features faster. However, earlier, Microsoft’s virtual assistant was positioned as a web service, so updates for it could be delivered without making changes to the Windows 10 kernel. In addition, a separate application will give users more control, and if necessary, it can be removed from their device.

It is worth noting that the separation of the voice assistant from the operating system began earlier when Cortana was removed from the Windows 10 search. Earlier it was reported that the development team plans to integrate new functions that will make the voice assistant's speech more natural. Due to this, user dialogues with Cortana will be more similar to communication with a real person.

Despite that Cortana appeared as a virtual assistant in the operating system, it later began working on various platforms, including iOS, intelligent speakers, and other electronic devices. Selecting Cortana as a stand-alone application can be one of the ways to promote a virtual assistant.


[Artificial Intelligence] Get the most out of Microsoft Cortana - Photo credit: querlo

Cortana virtual assistant fits into the Windows ecosystem. If you have several devices that support the work with this voice assistant, you can easily use it without switching once more. It is intuitive, learns fast, and is perfectly adapted to work with different devices.

The possibilities of Cortana are enormous, but Microsoft will have to contribute to their development and improvement. At the moment, the service is experiencing competition from Google or Apple.

In the future, nothing should interfere with managing the house with the help of a telephone through a simple assistant who can automate certain actions. Already, we have one application running on different types of devices, and a wide synchronization of data between them. The next step should be a common personal assistant.


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