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[Artificial Intelligence] Household Robots With AI - Photo credit: new.qq, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Today, robotics is conquering ever-larger industries and is increasingly being introduced into various spheres of human life. And if earlier robots could fulfill the role of man, replacing him in factories, which often require uniform actions in the conveyor production, for example, in the production of cars, now the time has come when robots are able to be in every house to help people solve urgent tasks, and help save our time and effort.

Household robots designed to help a person in his daily life are gaining more and more popularity, which is not at all surprising because the variety of robots is growing every year. Already today it includes vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, window washers, pool cleaners, and even snow-removing robots.

The International Federation of Robotics reports that the U.S. service robot industry, which includes both industrial and domestic sectors, is a $5.2 billion market. It also estimates that home robots or domestic robots will contribute $11 billion in revenue by 2020.

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By the way, back in 2007, Bill Gates drew attention to the significant potential of this technological area by publishing the article “A Robot in Every House,” where he reflected the prospects that would open to society through the introduction of household robots.

Modern developers are interested in how to make a robot so that it can perform the same functions as a person. They have created a world around people where it is comfortable for a person.

Household Robots

The subject of this article will be a brief overview of the growing types of household robots. I will consider several robots designed for various domestic applications, see how they work, what they can, how to use them, and how easy it is to handle them.

Without exception, robotic engineers believe that in the production and sale of home robots will be a big need. It is possible; after all, most economists prophesy an unprecedented rise in this industry. Let's look at what today makes many people so confident in the imminent surge in the popularity of robots for the home. Which of them are already in stable demand and interest from potential buyers today?

Everyone who has animals in the house will think about purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, some of which get along well with animals. You live in an area with heavily polluted air and windows often become dusty - the robot will help you wash the windows. What can we say about the robotic lawnmower, which will allow its owner to do other more important things or just relax while the robot is engaged in the lawn?

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Home Robots With Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Life Soon - Video credit: youtube

BOCCO Emo robot. Robots are personal assistants. This is the vaguest and therefore the largest group of home robots. Bocco Emo can be named a family robot with an assistant's functions. It is an emotional robot that easy will find out what teh mood you are in. Robot is able to perform a lot of tasks. Check my Querlo">www.querlo.com/chat/12004">Querlo chat.

Robot cleaner RX-V200. Today there is one absolute leader in sales - this is a robot vacuum cleaner. Modern cleaners of your home are capable of many things: vacuum cleaners squeeze out and suck out the dust from carpets, clean the floor under furniture and baseboards, and most importantly, analyze the degree of floor contamination, especially carefully cleaning these areas. Most models themselves approach the outlet for recharging, etc.

Moley Robotic kitchen. After a long day at work, you no longer have the strength to spin in the kitchen? An assistant kitchen robot will help you avoid junk food and semi-finished foods. London-based Moley Robotics has created a prototype of a robot chef, which has already been showcased at the Hannover Messe technology fair in Germany. This robot does not work in the kitchen as a machine for cooking or baking, but rather as a machine that accurately reproduces three-dimensional human movements.


[Artificial Intelligence] Household Robots With AI - Photo credit: querlo

Cubo AI. Recently, on sale more and more often you can find things useful for parents. We are talking about a variety of baby monitors and baby monitors, which are added to the so-called smart features. There are already a huge number of such devices and for the most part, they are not much different from each other, but there are also such models that it is impossible to pass by. At Cubo AI, they decided to present their unique development, which may seem attractive to many young parents. This development is a children's monitor. The main feature of the device is that it sends the notification to parents if the face of a child is closed.

Robot Ugo. Home washing, ironing, and styling are tasks that people would like to delegate to robots. However, this is a very difficult matter for them. We have already seen some of the successes of robots achieved in the laboratory. In real life, they are not so successful so far.

Robot HelloSpoon. HelloSpoon is reminiscent of the shape of a baby elephant, is a robot designed to help children and the elderly with the weakened function of the upper limbs, in eating. With his participation, the process of eating will become more pleasant and comfortable.

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One of the problems of the first generation robots was their memory. We, humans, recognize objects because we have seen them many times in our lives, we understand why they serve, and we can challenge them in our imagination. A good robot, in theory, should do the same. But it is very difficult to create an artificial memory so large that it allows you to recognize any objects facing the robot. Because of this, a robot uses a limited range of objects and a limited set of operations in its work.

On The Final Note

In the future, more and more humanoids will appear who will take on the performance of household chores instead of their owners. Already, there are robots that are engaged in snow removal, drying, and ironing, guided tours for guests and many others. Futurologists insist that at such a pace by 2050, robots will fully assume the working functions of female housewives.

The assortment of household robots today is quite wide, and each person will surely find among available on the market today exactly what will facilitate life for him. Someone needs to regularly clean the summer infinity pool, and someone is tortured to clean snow in the winter.


[Artificial Intelligence] Household Robots With AI - Photo credit: estidevelopers 

Modern research in the field of robotics is aimed at developing the autonomy of robots, that is so that they can move independently, without a person controlling them. In order for the robot to gain independence, it must have a source of energy enclosed inside the body and a wide range of functions and actions, as close as possible to human actions.



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