Astrology reading for May 2016

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The following is my horoscope reading for May 2016.  

It sure seems very positive, since it says that I can help many other financially this month.  Sound like a miracle is going to happen.

"General Climate
I see you flag this month. Your active life will demand a lot from you and you will be more than ever under pressure. You will have too many things to deal with. Keep in mind that you can do an awful lot if you do it step by step. Have faith in your abilities. Do not underestimate yourself.

Love Life
Do not seek to change at all costs. There is a very thin border between being "crazy" and being "in love". Do not ever cross that line. The emotional problems generated by your emotional life will make this month quite stressful. Above all, be yourself.

Professional Life - Finances
Do you want to do a good deed? Something will occur this month that will change the way you see money and the way you spend it. Many people around you need financial help. In your eyes, who deserves your help the most? And do not forget that - most often - spending some time with people is as important as giving them money.

Avoid excesses until the 25th of this month. Do you smoke? Is there a bad habit you would like to get rid of? If so, this is the ideal month to get rid of any addiction. If you don't feel in good shape, do not hesitate to consult a doctor."

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