At home or at the gym?

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Often people say that they need when they practice at home, give yourself some push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and I do not know yet. If you start with strengthening, I would recommend you definitely gym. Even if you exercise retrieved from the books and know what to do, it's never at home is not such as in the gym. Whether it is that you are in the gym buddy who keeps an eye on you and ensure that your weight will not hurt and that you will not fall during the last repetition of trying to breast, head, neck ...

In the gym you have to exercise always enough space and tools that are designed precisely to strengthen. Yes, I do exercise at home in bed, but you will know the difference when it then odcvičíte on the bench.


Especially in the beginning a lot of people doing wrong, or it cheating. They are exercises in which it is better if someone looks at you and tells you that you have correctly bent elbows, whether you embark on the barbell to the correct level. And you "admonish" when you somehow twist when excessive weights. It makes a lot of people in the beginning - they think they have the strength and load in there. But then bend back and do not practice at all the game that should be played.

Exercising at home is for experienced exercisers who knows what they can afford. A home of their training is more about just keeping because of you at home mostly maxi bodybuilder happen.

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