Attitude, Knowledge and hard work in Sales

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I am really happy for the skyrocketed appreciation that I am getting from the readers regarding my previous work on bitlanders ,It puts you in a feeling that you are doing something better for the community of bitlanders, I am pretty confident that this journey of sharing knowledge through blogging will continue ahead too. My most of the work covers the Sales and it is surrounded by this filed, because I am a sales professional – My motive is to share as much knowledge as I can regarding my field. May be in near future I cover many other topics as well. So far I have covered following topics;

1-      Distributor hiring and its management

2-      ROI of distributor and its management

3-      SALES concept and its fundamentals

These are my topics which are appreciated a lot by bitlanders community, let’s move ahead with most important elements for sales – Knowledge, Hard work and Attitude. 

 We have to understand this thing that without these mentioned elements, SALES can’t be generated by any mean. One by one we will look into these factors in details.


Positive Attitude in Sales:

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One thing is for you that In all types of sales , whether it is B2B or B2C – attitude of a salesperson will determine that whether you are capable of Sales or not. Salesperson with positive attitude has many more chances that s/he will generate better sales in good quantum, they always positively expect that sales can be generated in all circumstances. Winning attitude of a salesperson will always give him/her opportunity to generate sales at every shop in B2C or in B2B case. Positive attitude is a winning attitude ; 


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If you are able to convince yourself that you have to be positive all the time will surely label you “winner” in the end. With more energetic mood and positive attitude in sales will bring greater and better sales as compare to the negative one. In order to make sure that you want to be positive here are few suggestions;

1-      Believe that your product is best: Believing in your product, its specification, its promotion, its shelving, its merchandising and benefits will give you more and more confident that you are best of your competitor. If you would be positive for your product then surely you will be able to present in a better way, otherwise less chances of success are there surely. 

2-      Your training is best of all: You have to believe that your training regarding product and sales pitch is better than others. Because you would be in inferiority complex if you thought that your presentation in sales field is below than standard, that why it is required that you have to be confident on your training as well.

3-      You are associated with best company: Sometime sales rep’s confidence gets down when s/he thinks that his/her association with a company is not that much best. Once sales rep will start thinking that s/he is selling brand and his/her associated company is no less than the other then obviously his attitude will remain positive towards sale.


Implementation of discussed points will help every sales rep to perform better in field. I believe attitude is the top priority in field, followed by knowledge and hard work, and in later part of article I will proof it with logic as well. Let’s move ahead with importance of knowledge in sales.


Knowledge in Sales:


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I just said in previous points that attitude has top priority in sales filed, but the importance of knowledge can not be devalued. Because product knowledge is the essential part in field, through better knowledge of product, its feature, and specification will allow the sales rep to represent benefits accurately and in more confident way. In Objection handling part of sale call can only be catered in a better way by sales rep if s/he will be good in product knowledge.

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Sales rep can get Product knowledge through many ways like;

  • ·    Training
  • ·    On-job coaching by his/her FLM
  • ·    His/her field experience
  • ·    Feedback from customer
  • ·    Comparison with competition
  • ·    Digital forum
  • ·    Product brochures and catalogue

 If you will acquire good knowledge about your product then there are chances that you will be able to convert the feature of products into benefits for the customer. That matrix can be as follows:


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In nutshell better knowledge with positive attitude will produce bigger sale then the one with negative attitude and less knowledge.  Accompanying these two elements, there is another important factor in sale that is hard work with dedication.  There is a great debate that whether we have to go with hard work or smart work in sale. Let’s discuss this story as well.


Hard work and Smart Work:


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There is a rule of thumb from me :

If you are new in sales then your success lies in Hard work , and if you are experienced one then focus on smart work.

. Because for you as a beginner in sales, your success will be measured by your experience, so try to spend as much time as you can in field to learn sales fundamental, market grip, customer PR, retail and wholesale dealing, product knowledge , competition information and more over focus on sales call with range sale.



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In general smart work is better and is best described by speaking tree in following video :


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Once you get experience then surely you have to spend much of your time on data analysis, strategy devising and planning strategy.

In short for sales people all three factors are important like, Attitude, knowledge and hard work or smart work (depends on experience). Now the point is which is most important of all, in previous lines I stated that to me, Attitude is most important and I will proof it through logic .

Once I was sitting with my subordinate, he says that boss! Attitude is most important – In English Alphabet if your number them from 1 to 26, and then if you will calculate then result will be like this;


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A = 1 , B =2 , C = 3 , D = 4  ,,,,,,,, Z = 26 

Then you will find following results : 

1-      KNOWLEDGE : 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 91

2-      HARD WORK : 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98

3-      ATTITUDE = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100


Logically it is proved that attitude will always give you 100% result in any field whether that’s is sales or any other field !


Happy reading !





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