Australia Cricket Team Costume Today

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Due to the need of additional buzz scores, I had found no other way to do so but to purchase new items from the shop. I only have one gem left in my cart though and I can't really do anything with that than to purchase a new set of gems. I then bought 50 gems today which gives me additional two buzzes for the next five days. Then I also have another set of costume!

Yesterday, I was with cricket team of Pakistan with their cool dark green uniform but there's something wrong with how my avatar looked yesterday and with how it looks today. See how my curly hair was just scattered  around the back and the heart balloon isn't red at all.

This was how my avatar looks today, neater hair and red balloon as well!

And since I purchased new set of uniforms, I am now with the cricket team of Australia!

Had made fun with my avatar by giving it a girly feel, instead of the sneakers, I had exchanged my footwear to this stilettos with stockings! How do you find that? I was actually laughing with how it looks like right now.

Well because I had purchased the set of Australia Cricket Team uniform, it gives me three additional buzz points for the next 14 days. I hope I can get to buy more costumes. 

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