[Autobiography] Heatstroke brother's tutor

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Who counted not by heaven calculation, listen to some doctor himself, just
calm, not to get scrambling, his eating, bathing, sitting
home game, just wait tutor brother (comedy scatter)
Wait until 7, Kids tutor is yet to come, I'm thrilled they
the mother, the mother told the brother, today the teacher for children
Vacation, brother exult, disorient her, then, his
waiting for you so that tutor, asked her brother
- Why did you stay so for the mother?
- She asked to go dk nt english class something. His mother said,
then went into the room, walking and fatigue, brother, the theater
Happily, it has said snack.
- She went out with that boyfriend, hihi.
Startled his people, turned to say:
- How you know? tattle
- Why do not you know, yesterday I heard the teacher breakfast talk
phone with bf
- Lao Lao, do you know that's my bf asked, shaking ?,
- Then I asked her, she cried uhm.
So you have a boyfriend tutor ạh, according to his brother
How then, I quite confused, sad to say is a bit romantic, because were
is nothing, but not sad, it is said lie, honestly I thought
the tutor you have a boyfriend, so I pretty tutor muscle that, today
now she can not see her, do not know what this sunstroke
be stopped, or the outbreak, I have not thik anyone more
so, hopefully things said his brother did not have the
really .... haizzz
Cause you do not tutor to, its anticlimax, cha want to go,
should stop at home lying regions, is bored, born looking information
tutor from her brother, did not want to ask more from the mother,
his mother will give birth and then deduce all sorts of features tired, his
brother hanging down under the supermarket, by the promenade, and
led it to investigate the information.
- You eat donuts, then follow me, I say, brother goes
follow closely, most thik it's kind of it, the whole application for purchase 7k
Looks like this is the first time I went to buy bread lead guy,
brother seems happy

- The first time I went to buy bread the two guide us, hn make rain too!
Im her, said nothing, afraid to think also, for the first time would lead me
play, which is to learn about Girl
After buying it 3 donut every 21k, and it alone
supermarket yard outside sitting, sitting very cool place, it eats
devouring the bread, her then:
- Teacher teaching tutor DC ko eyebrows, his vague questions
- DC Nii, but she bit data nha
- The new data server value, which she eyebrow or talking
phone when you teach lah
- Where there are, who called her several times, she heard, said, is teaching, paving the call
for, then hang up game, it's just naive reply
-You know her telephone number to ask all the questions you do not, learn
New so pretty, you're not learning, it's au for selling lottery tickets. his
brother're questioning, the dt, nothing at nt.
- Learn to use him, she taught first meal today, she cried here
love the waves, she also has one phone tree waves, finished her
I borrow your phone, trying to call her machine, as DC do not, that is
I know of her. His brother extraordinarily intelligent
Then I asked him to go out there to play, to borrow his phone
gaming, it stores phone 4 phone numbers, mother of three,
and his teacher, so I know the phone number you
tutor, is also excited, but did not know how nt, wait 1 long,
bouncing his mind, took the phone right brother, ditto for Kids
"Why do you stay so her hn?", After waiting 5p, then tn
"She is busy, her vacation is what's more good news, hihi", part I
nt that students associate with teen vãi
"Excuse me, can I ask you this one dentist?", I send tn
"Ok baby?" Replied instant tn
"Á He 2 children, she saw stars, I 2 children this meal weird," his
nt like a madman
"Do you then bt 2, with stars, strange as strange?"
"So I find it strange, I think she knows best"
"God, I 2 I did you know, that he went to study dùm Minister,
children go home, her little busy, pp em ", I nt's tutor,
finally he does not know what to say, so im always!
The situation is the situation, I was very interested in learning children
This heavenly place at all convenient times, and I get a day
DC Kids reviews, I thik you to notice, much stool should also, if
I love the attention has ng sad, only to calculate the next morning, he
children with a high opinion, to apply less to talk tomorrow.

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