Awarness while select your toothpaste

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Here i want to share with you an important and useful materials which is very necessary for our daily life tooth health....As every one of want to have white and germs free tooth with with natural favor.

you will agree with me that we do not know while taking any of tooth paste just to impress from advertisement or many people just prefer less price paste..
...................... that why here i want to give you detail which type of tooth paste you shoudl select. I have read this from a source.
you may see that at the bottom of the every toothpaste tube..
There is a color bar like small rectangular in shape. .

I just know
the meaning of those color bar!
There are four kinds: Try to choose green and blue...Because

Green: natural
Blue : Natural + Medicine
Red : Natural + Chemical composition
Black : pure chemical...

so learn them and care while buying any paste;;

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