Azra Jafari was the first female mayor in Afghanistan history

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She was mayor four years in Nile province and she was able to do a great job, she did out of her job some ting for woman’s in Nile and she learn for those women’s leaf in that province how to do job .most of afghan man are belief woman can’t do that job are very heavy but she display woman’s ability  for aloof people in the world that afghan woman’s can do to and especial for afghan man’s woman’s can bring change in the world if we let and belief for over mother, sister they can do that we can’t not able to do that.

When I talk with her she Sayed for me when it came to Nile in mayor office there wasn’t any chair, table and another thing and over staff cannot walking between those people because a man was mayor before Azra Jafari in Nile and he had an Embezzle cases and she dissolve that cases.

Unfortunately she abdicate for her job in December 19/2013.       

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