B-U-T technologies, evolution of Cognitive Mixed Reality. A future Querlo partner?

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The visit to Dubai included some interesting discoveries, one of them was meeting Mr. Wim Bonjean, Chief Creative Technologist of B-U-T, a cross media interactive agency with offices in Dubai, Belgium, Singapore and Switzerland.

Wim Bonjean, is a slender, tall, tattooed technologist with a passion for rugby, muscle cars and his work. Mr Bonjean introduced us to the B-U-T technologies, including the Microsoft HoloLens project, an evolution of Cognitive Mixed Reality. That same day Microsoft released a tutorial: “Building the Terminator Vision HUD in HoloLens”. Both projects highlight the importance of AI cognitive systems in combination with Augmented Reality.

Impressed by the B-U-T technologies and Wim's presentation I asked him to further document their work and he shared with me the following press release where is documented how B-U-T is a step ahead of a technology giant like Microsoft interpreting their API's at its best: http://www.al-press.com/index.php/en/2013-02-20-08-59-23/technology/11273-b-u-t-ahead-of-the-curve-in-mixed-reality-microsoft-on-the-same-track



We are discussing with Wim various solutions on how we will integrate Querlo with B-U-T technologies.

-Francesco Rulli

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