Have you ever been driving with 2 people in the front seat, 2 people in the back, and the conversation in the back seat gets very interesting? As the driver, this has happened to me several times, mostly because I have to simply IMAGINE what is actually playing out between the two in the back. One such conversation, to this day, gets me to laughing (almost snorting, but we won't go there right now).

We were on vacation, driving down a side road (probably on our way back from a restaurant if I remember correctly). One of the backseat passengers forgot her wall charger for her cell phone and was reminding me that we needed to find a store where she could get one. So I asked if perhaps someone else's charger would work for her phone, to which she replied she didn't think so. The other backseat passenger thought about this for a moment, then asked aloud if maybe hers would work. She produced hers from her handbag and showed her friend the adapter pin end. Chargerless friend, in turn, nods her head and replies, "No, I think my hole is too big." Sadly, my mind goes straight to the gutter, but I continue to listen on. Offering friend insists on trying it and attempts to fit her adapter pin into the "hole". "See, I told you it wouldn't fit, yours is too small for my hole." At this point, I'm trying not to let my laughter and snickering become too obvious - I don't want my friends to think that my mind automatically reverts to the gutter-side. My front passenger looks at me, the look on her face indicating that she's thinking what I'm thinking. We are both trying to contain our laughter, but we can no longer hold it in as the conversation about holes continues in the backseat. When we started laughing out loud (literally!), at first the backseat gals were confused, but we explained why we were laughing, and all joined in for a good chuckle (snortle) - whatever!

That's my funny story for today. I'll try to think of some more later.

Pic courtesy of Pixabay.