Be double sure about your online dating partner you might be in a trap.

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               Online dating is considered as the latest term for dating. This of dating is very popular among youngsters and has been preferred worldwide. Well online dating means when two people meet over internet and plan to meet outside to know each other better.
                  Online dating involves meeting over internet, two people talk and when they feel that they are comfortable with their each other and they want to take that relationship further then they plan to meet up somewhere. Online dating is suitable for those who feel shy and uncomfortable when they meet someone for the first time. In this you are free from the fear of being judged by someone you recently met. Online dating mainly saves you from the awkward situation between two people when they meet for the first time. Because psychologists says that when two totally strange people are meeting they generally face lots of awkward moments and they do feel nervous about how to behave, this leads to their misbehave as in answering wrong questions depressed and occupied with useless thoughts.

                         Online dating has lot more side effects the most common tragedy is that the person you are dating can be someone with his fake identity and this is very common these days. Many people are mugged because of online dating con. So be very careful with online dating because there could be 50% chances that there is a trap to catch you. According to some surveys done in metro cities of India 20% rape cases took place because of online dating trap. So be double sure if you have planned to meet someone because you might be taking risk with your personal safety so try to be on a safer side just to ignore any such accidents. Fun is good but be safe and sure about your partners because the world is not that safe as you thought it would be.

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