Be with someone who know these things.

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Be with someone that will never bring any hurtful words just because he/she’s mad. Or felt a jealousy feeling with someone you’ve been with a  minute ago. Be with someone who thinks first before deciding one’s statement not because you’ve done wrong but based on what is the right thing to say and do. Be with someone who knows how to forgive and still love you no matter what. But in your part learn your mistakes, not because you have someone who have a humble heart, who is willing to give you chances, to forgive you and still love you, you will stay the same. No! you need to improve yourself and don’t do your mistakes again. Be matured be faithful.

Love is not easy and it’s not always happy and strong. Sometimes you may encounter struggles, disappointments, discouragements, mis-understandings, loneliness, unhappy, and one of the most scariest things are the reasons to give up. Why? Because love and relationship is not always smooth and like a fairy tale princess and prince that you can live happily ever after. Yes you may live happy together but in order to become strong, become faithful, become more sincere in every good ways you may do, become more deeply in love with your partner. You need to have these things, yes it’s scary and hard to manage but nothings impossible with love because no matter how hard, or how painful it would be. Love will always be a great solution to overcome these test. Because afterwards when you already learn how to manage everythings will become nothing but easy to take these responsibilities why? because you already know what to do. And your partner should and will be too.


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