'Beelance' Indie GoGo Campaign

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Beelance, the one tool to manage anything.

Yes, The ever-famous 'Beelance' is finally here, and I couldn't be more excited! With this new online marketing/office tool you no longer need to jump from program-to-program when ‘Beelance’ is everything. The Indie GoGo campaign launched yesterday and has already raised over $300! This could not have been impossible with out very generously contributing. But beelance still has not reached its goal of $1,500 so there is still time to help this product grow into something of awesome proportions, and to get some awesome deals on the product before it releases next spring. Beelance will innovate the office and save users money and time. If you want to help this awesome product become a reality follow the link below and contribute now!

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~ Josh Presuto

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