Being a great teacher and its duty

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There is a saying that the father is the one who took the child from heaven unto the Earth: come back from the Earth, but then carrying is great being in heaven, his teacher. Islam has made me a very great teacher once say that he made the word teacher.

Similarly, a witness of the history teacher's is great value that does not respect their teachers as the Nations which do not respect the Nations will also sign their names, leaving them destroyed, but extinct as the Nations which the honour of his teachers to understand their times as great Nations, he touched the children of each floor of the development.

Similarly, there are the duty of the teacher to teacher for his disciples that they are always welcome and should be sincere to his disciples, why cannot get the location of the student without getting it. The teacher is in the hands of thousands of children being the future of a nation and the lives of their children, these also go the country's services to development to s to be sincere with your students teacher is extremely important. Should your child understand these children from their behavior.


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