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You can not give something you don't have." --Anonymous


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It is hard to give something I don't have, neither write something I haven't gone through. The words maybe there, but the heart would be missing.

While watching the video of Mitch Albom with regards to one of his book, "The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto", something dawned upon me, ACCURACY. That Mitch Albom have to go to Spain, to see for himself what is their music is, what kind of people are living there, and also their culture. For the book was inspired from the life of Franciso Tarrega, a Spanish composer and classical guitarist of the Romantic period. That even the places in the book, Mitch Albom have check them, from the river where Frankie was thrown to the convent. The events in the book were real, indeed happened.

In writing, I just can not make something out of context, out of hearsay, maybe you can considered the thing called "words of the mouth", or a "secondhand-information". Despite the fact that we can get a lot of information on the internet, you can write more if you have to experience what we are writing. And that have made me realized, the adventure in writing.

More and more we're negating the validity of first-hand experience of people from other countries and other cultures...whether it's on TV, the internet, mobile phones or whatever--the world system we live in so values second-hand information." --Nitin Sawney


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Writing A Book Review.

I already read the book, and it is more than than twice to be honest, but I was caught with the thought of, i can not write about it if I don't read them again, so while writing them, I am reading them too. It sounds like it is hard to do two things at the same time, but it was fun to be honest. It made me read the book again and it made me realized how much I miss reading them, some of my books have their pages yellow, and with that, it concerns me now.

But before I dive myself in writing about the book that I have read, and make a review about them, I checked the "HOW TOs" of it, checked the "technical outline" of making one, but then, I never followed the "rules", so technically, the book review that I submitted here may or may not be considered a book review, it can be more of a summary of what the book is all about, just tried to share the characters, and the lesson I have learned in those books. 

YES, I have to get into those emotions that I have before, and me being one cry baby, I got tears while writing about those Mitch Albom books, the same feelings that I have every time I read them. And the review always took me longer to write.

Everything you read in newspapers are absolutely true, except for that rare story of which you happen to have a first-hand knowledge."--Erwin Knoll


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Writing about places.

Here in my region alone, there a lot of places to see and check, and most of them, I haven't visited yet. Since I am have been into writing, I have set some time to visit these places. And those places might me just around my place or I have to travel hours just to see it.

When I went to my second home, it feels like more of revisiting the town, and I am glad that I have decided to write about it, and before I have to write, I have to travel five hours. Yes, i may have known the place, for I have stayed there for years, but to see the place, re-checking how the place had been, reminisce, I have to reconnect my heart and soul to the place, for me to be able to put it into writing.

Writing about something without that experience will be hard. So, I have listed down places that I will be visiting soon.

There are places you can not visit anymore, poetry and writings take you there."--Vaishal Sheth


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Writing about food.

I have been dreaming to write about food, do food crawl for I am a self-confessed foodie. Food has always been my life, I have an adventurous palate, and I am glad I have that. This is the one thing I am excited to do, and share about the experience. I want to try, and do those things that famous chefs, food writers do, like Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern. I wanted to do those things that the show POP TALK is doing, eat food, enjoy and then review, that surely sounds fun, a lot of fun because I have been watching the show and wanted to be part of the show. That is too much for me, but we never know.

Since I haven't done that, I have asked a friend if he can recommend me places where their local products taste great. I just don't want to review about my favorite amazing aloha burger, or that sundae I always have from a famous fast food restaurant. I want more, I am greedy with this. I want to promote my local cuisine more than what the fastfood restaurant is offering. Eating, writing and promoting, that sounds great for me. And who know, I might get some fellow writers here to try and visit my humble place.

You can't just eat good food. You've got to talk about it too. and you've got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food." --Kurt Vonnegut Jr.


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With my lists, I am seeing myself having fun with the adventure that is in front of me. And it feels like writing had opened the door for me to this opportunity, since I wanted to have the first-hand experience, more than just reading it on the internet. I have to see and feel it for myself. And until then, i will be able to write about the food, the place and the book. There is a lot to write about, if we just wanted to open and be open, now I am thinking of writing a review on a Korean drama that I had just watch, crossing my fingers that I can give justice.



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