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Praying (Islamic: Salah, Indo-Pak: Namaz) has such a big power that it illumines the hearts. Offering prayer guarantees the success of this world and the world after our death. It gives peace to the heart, while it benefits in gaining any positive power man needs in the life, be it blessings in health, wealth, or any other need we human have. Prayer (Salah, Namaz) is light of grave, while not offering prayer can degrade a virtue.

Prayer is to please God (Allah) and a direct meeting with our LORD who we can talk to while praying, ask for things we need in both the worlds, for blessing and peace. The best virtue in front of Allah is Salah (Prayer), while it differentiates a Muslim from a Non-Believer. It prohibits a Muslim from committing any sin while it is key to the paradise and basis for Islam. It will provide shadow on the Day while it eases questions asked by the angels in the grave. It is the highest and most beloved actions a man can perform for his LORD.

We must ponder over as how much time we waste in vain activities. A caller calls in the Masjid (Mosque) to "Come towards success", but we keep ourselves busy in activities which are useless and waste of time, i.e. being on internet, watching TV Shows, or talking rubbish on the phone for hours or texting. But as soon as someone asks us to pray, we think the person is just rubbishing. Why don't we think over it, that our LORD is asking us to come to him but we are too lazy and neglecting. Think for a moment that how much of 24 hours do we give our time to our LORD? We waste our time - useless and in vain.

If we gather the time of all the 5-times prayer (Salah, Namaz), it will hardly take, if we offer the prayer with hearth and peace, just one hour or so - out of 24 hours, can't we give 1 hour to our beloved LORD, Allah? Did you not feel any difference in Ramadan (Ramzan)? People keep praying everyday, every minute, every second - be it young, old, women, children - all are excited and this gives peace to us. What if we continue this whole year long? Imagine how many blessings of the LORD, Allah will be with us 24/7.

Let us promise from today that we will never leave Salah (Prayer), and not only will we offer it but will ask our near ones to offer it regularly as well. Bring your kids with you in the Masjid so that when they will learn at an early age, they will not only become humble and useful part of the society, but it will bless the while family and will be a Sadaqa Jariya (continuous virtue, even after the death). May Allah make us understand this, amen!


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