Best paid to play games, no investiments needed. Might let you interested

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Game #1. Farm Satoshi (NEW!) - Pays in Bitcoin Instantly via Xapo!

Do you like playing cute farming games where you can grow animals, sell produce, level up your ranch, and do other farm-related stuff? Then Farm Satoshi is the game for you. It's a new online game that's easy to learn and play. What's more interesting is that it has 3 mini-games within the game and a bitcoin faucet too, so there's a lot of opportunities to earn here. You also get free 800 Satoshi when you join - to help you get started.

As mentioned, this game pays in Bitcoin (instantly), no minimum Satoshi earnings required. Please register with your Xapo email address as the game only pays via Xapo wallet.

What is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that you can spend online. You can buy stuff with Bitcoins, you can invest it and you can convert it into a regular currency (ex. US$, Euro, etc.) and withdraw via local banks. Satoshi is Bitcoin's smallest unit, like a penny to a dollar. Click here to learn more about Bitcoins. 

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Game #2. Market Glory

Do you like playing business economic strategy games where you can work, open up businesses and do other real life stuff? Then Market Glory is the game for you (game by Euro Soft System or ESS). Lots of active players and plenty of earning opportunities in the game. Earn virtual money and gold - Convert to real Euro and withdraw via Paypal Neteller or Skrill.

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Game #3. Golden Towns(I LOVE THIS GAME)

Do you like playing Farmville, Farm Frenzy or other farming - building - mining games? Then Golden Towns is the game for you. Develop your town, produce - trade resources and mine gold. Convert virtual gold to Euro and withdraw via Payza, Neteller, Egopay and okpay. You also have the option to withdraw in Cryptocoins (Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dogecoin).

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Game #4. Goal Tycoon

Do you like playing football/soccer or interested to learn how? Then Goal Tycoon is the game for you (Also from ESS - creator of Market Glory game). Manage your own football team and your own football park. Earn from ticket sales and for winning championship, national and intercontinental games. Earn virtual cash and gold, convert to real Euro cash and Withdraw via Paypal Neteller or Skrill.

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Game #5. Bitlanders

Do you like hanging out at Facebook, sharing photos, videos and stories? Then Bitlanders is the game for you. Earn Bitcoin rewards, "Buzz" and "Gems" for your social media activities (blogging, micro-blogging, uploading content). Bitlanders will even reward you with Bitcoin bits daily just for logging in to your account. You have the option to receive your earnings in Bitcoins. This game can be viewed and played using any device (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone).

Game #6. Spark Profit(I LOVE THIS GAME)

Do you like playing the stock or foreign exchange market? Or interested in learning how to? Then Spark Profit is the game for you. Predict if the market will go up or down and get reward points if your predictions are correct (Based on actual stock/foreign exchange markets). 

Points are converted to real US Dollars every week and payments are sent via Paypal once you've earned $30. (Payment in Bitcoin coming soon). This game can be viewed and played using any device (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone).

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