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Yuri Arcurs is recognized as one of the top selling photographers in the world. His newly launched website PEOPLEIMAGES.COM curates the best selling stock photo collection with over 4 million individual image licences being sold each year. Yuri's ambition is clear and summarized as follows: "We want the most stunning images of people in the world, but not only stunning, also believable and authentic".

Yuri has also selected the 2012 finalists from his photography bootcamp in South Africa. The amazing opportunity gives the 18 finalist photographers a 3 year worldwide education and once in a lifetime opportunity to experience travel to exotic locations, a first-class photography education from some of the industry’s leading experts, and working experience through interactions with real projects, clients and top models. Congratulations to the talented photographers who have a very amazing experience in front of them. We are a bit envious of what you have in store!

 Back to Maneuvering through it is very user friendly interface you are allowed easy navigation to the type of images you are looking to purchase for your project in an amazingly efficient manner. Great job Yuri it's brilliant and sure to only get better in the future.

Take at quick tour with Yuri himself  of his photo studio in Denmark. It is simply remarkable and will leave any photographer, no matter how experienced in awe. Click to view Yuri's WebTV


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