bitCharities and Bitcoin Give A New Perspective on Philanthropy

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Bitcoin and philanthropy are two worlds meant to work together. Like Bitcoin, social good doesn't have geographical boundaries, nor should be limited by donation fees.

As pointed out by Gautham in a recent article on NewsBTC, Bitcoin is the ideal currency for charities and non-profit organizations. The only thing slowing down Bitcoin adoption by non-profits is the lack of education about digital currencies. Both charities and donors are still unfamiliar with Bitcoin and reticent to use it.

That's where bitLanders and bitCharities start their mission of educating their 500,000 users and the world about Bitcoin and bringing non-profits to the world of digital currency. How? By providing a user-friendly platform where digital citizens of all income levels can donate to charities using Bitcoin, starting with micro-donations as low as 10 satoshis (1/500 of a cent). Donating is no longer reserved to the wealthiest philanthropists, and is now opened to millions of people all over the world.

Plus, bitLanders and bitCharities make donating fun, as donors are rewarded with Buzz Bonuses, to further earn more Bitcoin and continue supporting their favorite charities.

With Bitcoin, bitCharities opens the doors to exciting opportunities for philanthropy.


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