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In the past months, we've seen charities and non-profits gradually opening to the world of Bitcoin. They realize the power of the digital currency and its main advantage, the lower transaction costs.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Rachel Emma Silverman highlights this new interest in Bitcoin from charities. As Mr. Rossetti of Save the Children mentions in the article, it's important "to remain contemporary and relevant to current and future generations.” Writer Rachel Silverman adds that some of the charities go through processing services in order to accept Bitcoin, which is the option offered by bitLanders and its Charity Page,

bitLanders, also known as the land of Bitcoin, recently launched, its dedicated Charity Page open to all non-profits. On, bitLanders' 500,000 users can use the Bitcoin earned on the platform to donate to charities and organizations. bitLanders gives 100% of the donations back to the charities.

bitLanders' goal is to connect the world of non-profits to the world of Bitcoin and expand the charities' donation opportunities. Meet the charities currently part of BitCharities and show support at

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