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We just really need a bit of effort  and being active too

These is what I got for the month of October =). And I won't forget to thank you guys. In one month of being active and buying gems, it gave me these. Thank you supportive Bit-friends. We just really need a bit of effort  and being active too. Even when Typhoon Lando came you were still there. Thank you. ! 


"If others can, Why can't I?"


We should try to think this way to get better. Plus motivation. You can do it too guys.  


Good luck to all of us =) Have fun in Bitlanders community.




*** October Earnings - Not to BRAG , But to INSPIRE ***

God is so good. We had just suffered from typhoon Lando since last weekend and causes many places, blackout. Some told us that it will be back on Saturday so I surrendered at that time(Wednesday Morning). You have no idea how i feel during typhoon Lando landed in our place. I can't even stop thinking about my buzz score LOL ... I have no idea how am I gonna save this BUZZ SCORE. To think that that I can't log in - automatic -6 points plus decreasing base buzz... I'm so hopeless that time. It's so hard for me to make buzz score increase and to reach this far. But that's life. Full of challenges. (pero and daya saglit lang hahaha tong Bagyong Lando kasi panira ng moment kaasar. Nang aano eh!)

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