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All people that begin in bitcoin world probably read about something called "faucets"... What are they?

The faucets are web pages or app´s that give bitcoins in exchange for solving some captchas, watching videos and more.

All the bitcoins earn by this way must be collected in a wallet, such as Xapo.

The main aim about this post is show you what faucets I think are the best: This is a faucet that increase the bitcoins you can claim by the passage of time. You can claim your reward with an Xapo account instantlly or with a bitcoin adress weekly. Also you can enter this web using this referral link and increase my reward without loosing yours :D This is exactly the same that the previous one, but this one gives a bigger reward in the same time. Moreover, it gives a 10% profit if you use your Xapo account as adress.

- Here the referral link.

- This faucets can give you 100, 200,300, 500,1000 or 3000 satoshis per hour. Introduce your adress and claim.

- Referral link. In this one, you must stay 5 min in the web page that the program redirects you to receive the bitcoins. When the time is gone, you can press "Next" to visit another one. Here is not referral link xD

- This web page has a faucet list. All the rewards you ear from this list will be acumulated in a "special wallet" from faucetbox. How can I see that wallet? Easy. Look at the nav bar and press adress checker. There, introduce the bitcoin adress you used in the others faucets.

- This is a little bit different than the other faucets. This is a game about collect birds eggs and sell them to gain satoshis. Also it has a especial bonus you can clain every 30 min that varies between 1000 and 6000 satoshis.

- here is the referral link. Hope you use it!

These are the faucets I always use to claim bitcoins. Its prooved than they pay in time.

Hope you liked this post and I hope it was useful to you too.

PD: Forgive me if I wrote some mistakes, english is not my main language! Whatever fault you can notice me.



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