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I request again to bitlanders team.Please give us a hard buzzscore and a good revenue.Becuse bitcoin rate not going up and we wait for bitcoin a good rates in usd.But bitcoin rates going down and down and please pay in usd now.everyone need usd on bitlanders.

And now bitlanders don't give us a good revue past year our buzz score is 42 and then bitlanders give us a very good money and now our buzz score going up and don't give us good money.

past year when my buzzscore is 42 and bitlanders give me a good revnue 0.0010 and now my buzz score going 70 to 84 and bitlanders give us 0.005 thats not good for us and for our hard work.

I request to bitlanders team and all bitlanders member please don't ignor our hard work and give us a good money and urdu corrdirator which one revew our urdu blogs thanks.

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