Bitcoins - How to put all your satochis in only one wallet.

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Bitcoins are, specially here on Bitlanders, like gold for those who work with them. The coming of cryptocurrencies completely changed the way we look at the money.

A little problem for some newbies is that there's a lot of wallets with different features and bonus so it's almost a rule to have more than one wallet.

Today you can easily find people asking what is the best wallet to use or how to put all the satochis only in one wallet without thinking too much.

Well...about the wallets. If you google some forum reviews you'll find that some are not so legit. The guys from Microwallet already had lots of DDOS attacks in which all our money flies with no explanation at all. Blockchain had some problems too in the past. And if you want a wallet just like Paypal, you can simply choose Coinbase (definitely the best).

Today you have new wallets with new features too that can be interesting, Xapo wallet can be used if you don't want to have the work reaching a cashout value on the faucets, paying you directly to the wallet each time you fill a captcha.

But all of this brings us to the other little problem, putting all the satochis only in one wallet and/or convert them to dollars. Ok, starting with the first part, to put everything on the same wallet you have to find some good currency exchangers or sites where you can sell your coins, Cryptsy is a good one for that. But you always have the taxes. So, there's lots of gambling sites where you can deposit from any wallet and just withdraw to you main wallet, I'll give you two where you just pay a tax of 10000 satoshis, and obviously, where you can even win some more before cashout, they are: Primedice and

After that is quite simple, once you have all your satochis together you can use lots of sites for the conversion, I use Paidverts where you can deposit with BTC, buy ad packs, shares or investments, and then withdraw to any processor in dollars.


Hope it helps.

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