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This is my second blogpost here on Bitlanders....and as I mentioned in the my first one that I recently had to go through a break up....It happened just about 2 weeks ago...officially though its been a week. Now It hurts a lot..and I love her...have for a very long time even before we got together and started dating. We both began as friends and then the relationship moved forward.

Now I am hurting and I have no idea whether or not she is as well...though I do think that this is hurting her too. I mean I admit it was my fault...I did a lot of stupid mistakes but never did I ever in my relationship think of cheating on her. I had always been loyal to her...I guess there were a lot of other things that played a major factor in our break up and I have no idea how to get her back.

I am willing to change..I did change a lot for her during our relationship and now I don't know...I can't sleep...I can't eat properly..don't really have an appetite anymore...I can't work....every time I close my eyes I see her...every time I see people outside I start thinking of her....I grab my phone..I get hopeful maybe she sent me a message....but what do I do? Need help....we were serious enough to start talking about marriage...but then one small fight blew everything away....I do love her and I need advice...big time...What do I do guys?

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