BitLanders Earnings Payment Excitement!

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I was excited today morning when I opened my email account and saw the e-mail from bitlanders customer service with the headline, “you bitlanders payment.”

The excitement was based on the fact that I had made my payment request of $10 dollars on the last Saturday, just is two days ago, and I was sure that it was a notification indicating that the money had been sent to my PayPal account.

My excitement was just short-lived, based on the fact that the content of the e-mail had a different message as opposed to the expected.

The message was just the acknowledgement that they had received my payment request, but in order for bitlanders to send the payment over, I had to verify my bitlanders account first.

Here is what it said: “To verify your account for payments, please provide us double identification documents.”

Some of the recommended identification document include: uploading the scanned copies of, the national identity card, driving license, passport, health insurance card, school cards.

They further added that if I don’t wish to disclose my identity but would rather stay anonymous, I may cancel my payment request and may use my earned credits on bitlanders to purchase the virtual items on their online store to enhance my avatar.

Or Perform premium tasks on the website (which I don’t have idea about)

Or donate to charities by purchasing the donation gift cards on bitlanders store.

My disappointment is not in the fact that they requested these items, which should be approved before sending over the requested payment (as a proof that I am real) but this one makes it the first time to send out my verification documents to any socio-blogging site that I have ever worked on and received the payments online. It is also a surprise too, for it is not indicated anywhere in bitlanders rules.

I have already sent them the copies of my scanned national ID card, which I have already used several times to verify my accounts with different sites that required them in order for you to access their services, for example; etoro, egopay, cryptsy etc.

I will be blogging about it soon again when they send me the payment. As for those who wish to join bitlanders to boost your online income, or are already members, then stay with the verification documents ready so that it won’t get you by surprise when you are asked for them upon sending the payment request.

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