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            Hello again, guys!


I saw many users writing tips and tricks about using bitLanders, and I thought I could give my share of knowledge and my overall experience so far with this network. Nevertheless, recently I received some messages from users asking me for advice in order to increase their earnings and reach the leaderboard.


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     The beginning


I found bitLanders through a search. As usual, I was looking for websites to earn money from home, and this time, I tried a search to find websites where you can make money by playing games. And I stumbled upon an article (unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the website) providing a list of gaming websites, and there it was – bitLanders. When I opened the page I was not very excited because it was a new website for me, and I did not have any information about it besides the article I read. I saw the options to log in or to sign up, and after that, I would be able to know more. So, I continued reviewing other websites and left that page open. In a few minutes, I went back to it, and I was just about to close the window when I thought: “Ok, let's give it a try. What do I have to lose?” After that, I signed up. Now, when I remember this story, I always smile. I am so glad I did not close that window back then because I would never know more about this amazing service.


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     First impression



Once I joined, almost immediately I saw there is a global chat with all the users talking about different topics. I also received some questions from the chatbots which gave me rewards. I did not know what is a survey chat at that time, but it was pretty intuitive and fun.

Everybody was helpful, and soon I got to learn what that miracle microblog is, and what that bigger miracle blog means in bitLanders. For me, it was really addictive and still is. I love the design; I like interacting with other users, chatting, commenting and writing. In the past, I was not too active in social networks, but this is something totally different. You actually get rewarded for your activity, your time, and efforts.



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     Survey chats


Survey chat is one of the features that make bitLanders unique. I have never seen websites that offer something similar, and if they exist, they probably slipped off my search skills. Sure, there are places, which offer paid surveys by email and places, which offer custom survey chats, but paid survey chats? So, what are survey chats? I am not surprised the topic of survey chat was a double reward one for a month. Basically, when you open bitLanders, you will see the global chat in the bottom right corner of your screen (assuming you are using a laptop or PC). Automatically chatbots start prompting you with various questions, and you can choose from the answers provided by them. Each answer gives you a certain amount of rewards. Probably the only thing that you can be careful about is to provide honest answers because giving a fake opinion is not useful for anybody.

In fact, when I first joined the survey chat was paying just 10 bitmiles per answering a simple question. Afterward, it became 30 bitmiles, continued to increase in time and now every question gives more rewards than the previous – much more than 30 bitlmiles. So, the survey chats are not something we should underestimate, they are a fun way to receive additional rewards. I also want to share a video of my experience with answering survey chat questions.


video source: survey chat


     Creating blogs


At first, I was terrified by the thought to write a blog. I am not a professional writer. In fact, I am not even a writer. The truth is, my very first blog was published here, in bitLanders. When I submitted it for review, I did not expect more than three or four stars. It actually got four. So, blog after blog I was building my confidence and continued trying to improve. I will end this story here because the topic of writing blogs is too broad, and I will discuss it thoroughly in another post.


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     The buzz score


It took me a while to get familiar with the terms used in bitLanders. But, there are very helpful blogs published by experienced users, who give a detailed description of the scoring system. The buzz score is your rating, which measures your activity in this website compared with the activity of other users. It can be drastically increased by submitting blogs for review and receiving stars depending on how valuable that content is. The highest number of stars is five, but it takes really great content and presentation skills to receive them. Earnings grow with increasing the buzz score; the buzz score increases with the amount of reviewed content and the quality of it. Count of buzzes also increases the buzz score. And for people who do not know what is a buzz, that is the blue rounded button located at the bottom of each post.


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The buzz score has two components; those are the base buzz and the powerups. They appear on your screen as the number of buzz score + the number of powerups. Powerups are temporary; you can gain them by fulfilling your daily quests, as a reward for your rated content or by purchasing items from the shop. Base buzz is the content you upload. It changes with the number of quality posts you publish. When you click on your avatar, you will enter your profile page. You will notice a tab named Stats on the right, which shows the amount of earnings you made and the changes of base buzz and powerups through time. 


image source: stats section


     The Gems


Gems are those diamond-shaped jewels showing next to your rewards. They have a great importance, kind of a currency, that you can use to purchase various stuff. You need gems to buy clothes, shoes, and gadgets for your avatar, to submit content for review; you can use them for donations. Gems are available for purchase through the store (the shopping cart icon). They can be earned by fulfilling your first tasks when you join the site, or they can be brought back to you when your content is reviewed. Of course, if you purchase more gems, the cost per gem is lower. It all depends on how many you need and what do you need them for.


  image source: screenshot of store section



I hope I managed to cover some of the useful features that one should know in the beginning.

      Thanks for your time and see you later!




- NinaB




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