Bitlanders is weird...

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Bitlanders is weird. But it pays in bitcoins, so I am giving it a try.
I will see how it goes for a few weeks and then decide if I want to continue.
I appreciate how diligent Tsu is abut removing pornography, and am thoroughly disgusted with youtube for its failures to enforce its policies. Trying to avoid youtube entirely, but it isn't easy.
Planning to make a tribute channel on vimeo, if I catch objectionable content and they take it down. If that happens, I will probably start gathering everything off of youtube I am really sure I need and skip over to vimeo permanently, even if it is hard at first.
One of my mottos is "Be the change you want to see in the world." I want to see corporations hels accountable and people paid for what they contribute, so I am trying out different paying social networks and am interested in bitcoin, and if a site doesn't live up to its policies, I will actually work and sacrifice however much I can to avoid using it.
That's all for now.
~M. S

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Recently learned that this site is ascam, asin, they ask for a lot of your personal I.D scanned and sent and they could stealidentity with it. I f you don't send that, you don't get paid.
Getting outof here.

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