Bitlanders & Selfish Mentality Of Few Old People - A must read and feedback is appreciated

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Dear Friends

Greetings from Shivani Shah.We are now part of excellent program or social network called Bitlanders.

This is amazing platform to meet and greet people and to share our views freely in any language unlike bubblews or other platform where you are forced to write in English.I have seen few people here who has made their time line picture as I will not give you Buzz, please do not ask me for buzz, please do not ask me for subscribe,bla bla bla ..I have observed that those who are putting such sign board on their time lines are basically those people who have followers more than 1000 or even more than 2000.Just imagine what would have happened to those people when they initially joined and no one have buzzed them or subscribed them?Today they are easily earning $10 in 4 days and 5 days with the help of all their 1000 followers who give 50 to 100 buzz to their even" hello good morning" post. Do you think that any creativity in writing "hello good morning" ? Even I am also writing the same but as I do not have 1000 followers I get only 1 or 2 buzz and they get 50 to 100 buzz for that plain statement. What is great in them and not in other new bee? that they are getting 100 buzz for same statement? That is because those 100 followers out of 1000 they have support those people who are selfish and putting a sign board that they will not buzz back or subscribe back.

If you look at conventional facebook , you will realize we always leave a message to a stranger that I want to connect with you can you accept my friend request?? what is harm in saying that please subscribe me ??Here subscribe means you have send friend request and you are asking them to make you as your friend.Please understand.Those who are writing such sign board on their time line are really selfish and I believe those should not be supported or liked if they have attitude just because they have >1500 subscribers. Then they will realize the pain of a new comer. Idea of this concept is to make friends, share your content and let other people also should take interest and gain knowledge from that and there has to be a normal flow of buzz of comment based on evaluation or support a person want to extend to other.

I dont think there is a need to put such silly sign board on your time line that you will unsubscribe if some one write buzz me or sub me . I am not at all agree with those people 

I invite comment from each of my friends here what is your feedback ??

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