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☑ bitLanders Survey Chat: A Better Improvement ☑

Hello guys~! It's me again here: 3 Blog about Survey Chat with a double reward coming to an end this week. Therefore, I would like once again to write a blog that discusses about bitLanders new feature called Survey Chat. If you've read my first blog about bitLanders Survey Chat entitled "Spend Minutes with Hillary Summers and Get Rewarded" (Hillary Summers sis thanks for the 5 stars <3 <3 <3), surely you are already familiar with this Survey Chat and already know the general picture of how you can participate in bitlanders Survey Chat. In this blog, I will discuss any changes and improvement about bitLanders Survey Chat. Happy reading~! ^^

It's been almost a month since bitLanders launched a new feature called Survey Chat. I'm sure most of bitLanders users definitely have tried this feature. Changes and improvements continue to be made by bitLanders team to provide better features and useful for its users. Let us see what are the changes and improvements in bitLanders Survey Chat that have been made below:

✔ More Chatbots, More Rewards

On the first launch of bitLanders Survey Chat you can only met one chatbot named Hillary Summers (the lady with angry face) that gives a questions from different topic. But now she is not alone, you will meet two more chatbots and they also will give different questions from various topics. Let's look deeper about them below:

"Greeting from Chatbots"

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☺ Hillary Summers

You must have known about her. Hillary Summers was one of bitLanders staffs in charge of reviewing the submitted content for review either the video, gallery, or blog. And now, she has a side job as chatbot who will ask various questions from various topics toward bitLanders users.

What's new about her?

Except the face that always looks angry, bitlanders team have made improvement about her. Previously she always asks questions related about the US residents like the election and politics, but now she provide questions from more various topics. Not only that, she will also tell you if your answer is correct or wrong and she will also give a little explanation about provided questions. As for me, this is a good improvement, so I can know which answer is correct and also can add my knowledge with explanations from Hillary Summers.

☺ Bitlanders

The second chatbot is Bitlanders. He will welcome you with a smile, unlike Hillary Summers. From my experience, he gave questions about technologies like bitcoin or something else and also about daily life. Unlike the new Hillary Summers, he did not give an explanation of the questions he provided. But I was excited when answering questions from him, because I could relate to the most of the questions he provided. And because he asked about daily life which is people rarely asked me about that. 

☺ Micky "The slanted" Salerno

The third chatbot is Micky "The slanted" Salerno. He is the copycat of Micky The Slanted Salerno with same face but a little bit different in the name. When he first appeared, I thought he was assigned to monitoring bitLanders Global Chat, but I was wrong. His main job is as chatbot for bitLanders Survey Chat, along with Hillary Summers and Bitlanders. With his old face and cigar in his mouth, he will greeting you when you open the Global Chat.

From my experience, he usually give questions about the environment around the world like about planting trees. In addition, he will also provide an explanation of the questions provided in more details to bitLanders users. However, he was not talkative like the others two chatbots. Usually I only got around 5 questions from him but with more explanation about the questions topics.

With three chatbots above, you'll get more questions and of course there will be more rewards and more bitMiles Loyalty Points for you.

"My Experience with bitLanders Survey Chat along with Hillary Summers & Bitlanders"

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✔ Bigger Rewards

Not only increased the number of chatbots, bitLanders team has also increased the rewards in Survey Chat. If previously you only get 10 bm (bitMiles Loyalty Points) for every answered questions provided by chatbot, now you will get the rewards three times more than before. Yes, you will get 30 bm (bitMiles Loyalty Points) for every answer you give in the Survey Chat. As for me this is very good news, because you'll get rewards by 30 bm easily, which is equal with opened three treasure boxes with 10 bm as reward in home feed.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, you can see the rewards that you got in the 'Details section' of your Rewards Page as "bitMiles applications and games".

✔ Survey Chat via

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A few days ago, I read a tweet from @bitmilesloyalty which retweeted by @bitlanders in twitter account, you can read bellow:

bitLanders Retweeted
bitMiles ‏@bitmilesloyalty Apr 25
Survey Chats are now available directly from your dashboard  to earn #LoyaltyPoints #chatbots

Yes, now you can participate in Survey Chat through This is another great improvement made by bitLanders team. So you will get more bitMiles Loyalty Points as reward by following more Survey Chat either in bitLanders or in Below, I will explain a bit of the steps how to participate in Survey Chat:

  1. Login to

    " Login Page"

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    The first thing you need to do is login to If you are a user bitLanders then automatically you are already registered in Use your email and password the same as you use in bitLanders. Then you will be immediately taken to the Dashboard page.
  2. Start Survey Chat

    " Dashboard Page"

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    In Dashboard page you will see many Survey Chat with various topics offered by Select Survey Chat what you want and you will be taken to a new page. You will be greeted by the chatbot and then begin to answer any given questions.
  3. Collect your reward

    "Example of survey chat in"

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    After completion of the Survey Chat, do not forget to collect your bitMiles Loyalty Points by clicking the 'Collect!' button in the top corner. And select another Survey Chat to be completed in Dashboard page.

" Transactions page"

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You can see how much bitMiles Loyalty Points that you got in the Transactions page as "bitMiles applications and games" and the rewards would appear after some times. Based on what I have observed, the rewards that you got from Survey Chat will be combined with the rewards that you've collected when participated in bitLanders Survey Chat. Based on experience, there will be plenty Survey Chat with various topics, but not all topics contain Survey Chat with question. But don't worry, chatbot will tell you right away if there are no more questions available for you and you can come back in other time. 

"Notifications no more questions available"

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"My Experience with Survey Chat via"

Video recorded by LookUp

✔ A Better Improvement

Since Survey Chat as the new feature from bitLanders was first launched, bitLanders team continue to make changes and improvements. This shows that they are really concerned about the bitLanders user. One of recent changes in bitLanders is every time you open the bitLanders page, Global Chat will automatically opened. Perhaps this is one of way to attract bitLanders users to participate in the Survey Chat and make Global Chat more alive, because recently the Global Chat is very quiet and boring. Although sometimes I feel uncomfortable with this change, because I can not get out of the Global Chat as long I am still using bitLanders. I hope there's 'Hide Me' button, so I can hide myself in Global Chat but still online and doing Survey Chat.

BitLanders team have did great job with all the changes and improvements that have been made. And I hope they will continue to make changes and better improvements in the future and make it more beneficial for its users, so they will feel comfortable and convenient to continue using this site.





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