BitLanders Survey Chats, the new way to earn bitMiles

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BitLanders Survey Chats, the new way to earn bitMiles

Good day! bitsers, (bitLanders users) Here I am again, disseminating the new way on how to earn more here in our beloved site, I am using this site for almost 6 months and still counting. For being an active user, I already wrote some tutorial blogs on how this site works, how to earn in specific ways and how to survive your journey here. Check out my blogs to serve as your guide, especially for the newbies.

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2. My Journey Here and The Impact of Micky’s Blog about “Ban for Buzz and Sub comments and on the chat”

3. BITLANDERS.COM, a survival tips for the newbies..

4. and many more. as a social site is the most convenient site for me to earn money online, this is the first site I really want to write blog with. All you need to do here is to be socially active and post quality contents to earn. The payment to this site switched from bitcoin to bitmiles, but then again, it is really a legitimate site and it will surely pay your hard works in this platform. As I said, I already wrote some tutorial blogs on this site, but if you want to watch instead of reading, here is the video on how this site works. Watch the video below.

Video courtesy of Kam Kamg

One of the best features of bitLanders is that we have here is the so called GLOBAL CHAT. Global chat is the best option to attract buzzers, to be updated and of course to gain new friends. I used to be active in this global chat and to tell you the truth, it helps me to earn more here because those friends and other users that I interact with visited my page and buzzed my posts almost every day. Yes, buzzers will help you to earn more because as I said, bitLanders pays its users in bitMiles (bitmiles loyalty points) for their quality contents  and being SOCIALLY ACTIVE. So if you are just new here, don't be shy to interact, try to visit the GLOBAL CHAT because it will help you to find your friends here, add more friends and also to learn more about this site by asking some of the users.

Chat box or Global chat is very helpful in terms of making interactions with other bitLanders users around the world. In fact, I established a good relationship with other users and now I called them as my real friends. We help each others by simply informing others or disseminating new rules to our friends to avoid suspensions or being banned. So if I were you, I will make friends with others, by this way, we will enjoy blogging here while earning through our works. And just so you know, enjoying this platform with other users will help you stay long to this site. Stay as long as you enjoy! ^__^


In an usual way, we can earn here basically when we post contents, being socially active and submitting quality contents in our movies, blogs and gallery sections. Our daily earning along with our buzz bonus well be viewed when our treasure box appeared. Like this one.

Another literal ways to earn bitmiles are by treasure hunting through selected videos where you can earn 100 bitmiles , here is the link to learn more about this treasure hunting --> Go on a Video Treasure Hunt To Earn More Rewards. You can also earn 30 bitmiles when you click on a banner with bitmiles logo, click here to learn more --> Hunt for more Rewards: Find the bitMiles banners. You can earn too by clicking a little treasure box to those content having a bm-logo on your HOME PAGE, Just click on that particular content and you can see a little box containing 10 bitmiles.

Aside from those ways above, we can also earn bitmiles by sharing post like the pictures below in other social media sites like facebook, google or on twitter. And, we can earn 5 bitmiles when we buzz a certain post which is a notification of other users for donating bitmiles to a certain charity or receiving payments on our home page like those on the next set of pictures.




We became more lucky because another way of earning bitmiles has been launched. It was introduced on the blogs of sir Micky, check these blogs that were entitled Share your thoughts and Earn bitMiles points with the new bitLanders Survey Chat  and Blog about the bitLanders Survey Chat and Earn Double Rewards.


Blog of Sir. Micky about Share your thoughts and Earn bitMiles points with the new bitLanders Survey Chat

A week ago, Sir Micky introduced the Survey Chats. You can find it of course on the Global chat. As I said a while ago, one of the best features that I really love in bitLanders is the GLOBAL CHAT. Now, Aside from the benefits of knowing other users and attracting them to buzz our posts to earn more, we can earn bitMiles instantly without redirecting different pages of different users because we can just stay in global chat or specifically, to the private chat of the chat bot that is represented using the avatar of miss Hillary Summer.


By the way, You don't need to find Ma'am Hillary Summer to the list of users, her name will automatically appear when you open your chat box. Ma'am Hillary Summer will be the one to message you first like the picture below. BitLanders used the avatar of Ma'am Hillary because it is unique and we can't copy her avatar even we go to the customize sections on our page so don't ever think that other users can  fool you or make fun of you to conduct the survey chats :)



Video courtesy of my handsome big brother in bitLanders

Here is the video created by my friend and almost big brother here in, jikZ. I asked permission to him before I embed his video to this blog and luckily, he allowed me to use it. So a big thanks to brother Jikz ^__^ . I don't know how to create one so I just borrowed his video to give you guys an insight on how to take the survey questions on the survey chats.

Survey chats is basically chatting survey questions to the online users. This Survey chats can be viewed when you go to the GLOBAL CHAT and you will see that the chat bot represented using ma'am Hillary Summer's avatar will appear on your screen. Just click on her chat and then, the survey questions will be conducted. Survey questions will be given one by one, meaning you need to answer one question first before you will view the next one. Based from my experience through her questions, the survey questions are more on entertainment, bitcoin, technology, news, sports, politics especially about United State's politics, personalities and etc.

You will earn 10 bitmiles for each answer you gave and basically, the survey chats contain 47 questions, this is based on my first time experienced taking that survey chats. So if you will answer those, you will earn 470 bitmiles instantly, If you are done in  answering those questions you can view your earnings by checking your WALLET MOVEMENTS. To check your wallet movements just click this link --> rewards or follow the set of pictures  below.

BitLanders survey chats will automatically appear once you open your chat box and you will know that the survey chat is over when the chat bot send this message. Guys, Don't be shy to participate in this survey chats because there is no right or wrong answer to every survey question here. Remember that, survey questions are given just to know your opinion towards a certain topic. Don't think that when you feel your answer is wrong, they will deduct bitmiles from you, it is not like that. It is just about earning bitmiles and in contrast to get your opinion about the topic. So, don't hesitate and don't miss your chance to earn through this survey chats every day. It will help you earn bitmiles easily and you can have an insight about the topic too.



Along with this new feature of biLanders, we can have a chance to suggest questions to be taken as a survey by the other users. All we need to do is to send an email to this email add -->  to see the questions we will about to submit in the Survey Chat, but make sure to comply with their given instructions such as, every question should be limited to 150 characters and every answer must be limited to 15 characters.

Now, you have it. I already told you on how you can literally earn bitmiles here. Just comment on this blog if you have some clarifications about the ways I have shared with you. I will be glad hearing from you.

Note: Aside to the video of my friend jikZ, the content of this blog is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera

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