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"With bitLanders, we can earn Bitcoin and, at the same time,
give back by donating to charities." - Ako-Eto


Ako-Eto is currently our top user on bitLanders. Because of his content and activity on the platform, he reached the highest BuzzScore among our 500,000 users.

We asked him a bit about himself, how he became #1 on bitLanders, and to share his tips with newbies.


Micky: Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Ako-Eto: I am from La Trinidad, Benguet, in the Philippines. I am a work-at-home guy, working online. I like travel, photography and I am always looking for new places to eat. My region is mountainous so it offers many places to hike and be closer to nature. These are the activities that I like to share online and bitLanders is a great platform for me to do that.


Micky: How do you stay active on bitLanders and earn money on the platform?

Ako-Eto: I go online whenever I have the time, which is a lot - one of the perks of working at home. Going on bitLanders is the first and last thing I do online. We all know that submitting content increases the BuzzScore and therefore, earnings. I submit blogs for review - which thankfully get good reviews - thus giving me a boost in my BuzzScore and earnings for a certain period of time. Doing the daily quests and logging in ever day also help increase and maintain the BuzzScore. Also, donating to charities, buying items from the shop and buzzing others' content keep me busy here on bitLanders.


Micky: What do you like the most about the platform?

Ako-Eto: As I am always in search for ways to earn Bitcoin online, I find bitLanders to be the most convenient and easy way to earn Bitcoin. We can share what we want and at the same time, learn from others. I have come to learn a lot about Bitcoin through what others share here on this platform. I learned a bit about the Blockchain, Bitcoin wallets, Bitcoin faucets, and other cryptocurrencies.


Follow his tips and you too will reach the top!



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