bitMiles, a direct, truthful and transparent tool of communication between people and brands

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I'm seating on the Delta flight from NYC to Rome, traveling to Florence, Italy for a short surprise visit to my parents with my older son Edoardo, 9, almost 10. I will be back in Manhattan on Wednesday, December 16th. My travel to Florence will also include a visit to the New Opera del Duomo Museum to get me back up to speed with my old friends from the Italian Renaissance.

This week was a very interesting week as our offices in New York, Florence and Taiwan collaborated in the launch of several updates on our bit-Miles rewarding technology, including a new updated UI (user interface), a broad selection of quests, and creative display and native promotions.



bitMiles is a rewarding technology that services the needs of brands who are interested in identifying and rewarding Brand Ambassadors and Market Influencers when they fulfill tasks. bitMiles also services the needs of users who are interested in being educated about what brands have to offer and collecting meaningful rewards along the way.

In the last 6 months, we implemented and tested bitMiles on the bitLanders platform with the following results:

User's time per session grew from 2 to 16 minutes.

Registered users grew of 100%.

Unique users grew of 60%.

80% of active users engaged tasks on a daily basis.

200,000 tasks are fulfilled every day.

300,000 users activated 3.6 million charitable donations to 34 different charities.


We are now getting ready to launch bitMiles outside of the bitLanders platform and introduce its powerful tools to other publisher's networks and programmatic ad-networks.

Jennifer Bourne in New York has been working closely with Lorenzo Meriggi based in Florence and Maurizio Ranaboldo based in Taiwan on the development of the bitMiles UI (user interface), where both brands and users create and discover new rewarding campaigns and collaborations.

Elaha Mahboob and I have been attending events like Tier One by American Express, where we interacted with marketing leaders of various companies like American Express, NBA and Netflix. We attended the philanthropic event of Givkwik NYC where leading philanthropies competed for donations and exposure to millions of potential donors and supporters. We visited the office of creative agencies like Saatchi And Saatchi where we met Global Creative Directors Luca Lorenzini and Luca Pannese who inspired our perspective of ”Advertising for Social Good”.

Advertising combines creativity, entertainment and commercial values. When well managed, it can educate and entertain people about what brands have to offer and empower them to become Brand Ambassadors, but when mismanaged, it can destroy the users' experience and damage the brand's reputation. Good advertising can motivate users to become Brand Ambassadors and create a special bond with the brand and its message. Users become clients and possibly Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors and Market Influencers should be identified, engaged, and rewarded accordingly to their passion and skills in support of specific brands and initiatives.

bitMiles, educates users on what the brand has to offer, it measures the users' interest and interaction, identifies the true Brand Ambassadors and Market Influencers, and rewards them accordingly. bitMiles creates direct relationships between the people and the brand. bit-Miles gathers valuable data on the product, sentiment, Brand Ambassadors and Market Influencers' true demographics. bitMiles is not a blind cold algorithm that spies and estimates on people's interest, but a direct, truthful and transparent tool of communication between people and brands.



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