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I had a tough day yesterday as my boyfriend requested something for his sideline job. He is a web developer who specializes in front end development and is also engaged in iOs application development. But aside from that, he is also getting sideline jobs which he can accommodate in his schedule so he can also earn additional income.

One of his projects right now is a website for a certain farm owner. He is a young business man as well and he requires a logo for his starting business. This business is a gamefowl breeding business, his requirement is for a blade kind of logo and I was asked by my boyfriend to copy a certain blade which was a low resolution kind of photo.

We can't really just convert it to a certain smart object, it still becomes pixelated and so I just made it from scratch.

So I made vector images by tracing the blade thru the use of the pen tool from Adobe photoshop, then added gradient on it. The gradient was a bit tough as well and that was the part where I really had a hard time. I am not really good with working on gradients and glad that I had finally figured it out!

The boyfriend's satisfied with it, I don't know what my reward yet as he is asking me again for a tarpaulin design.

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