Blog 0038 : Aliens on the moon: A Threat to Mankind.

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There are lots of reported sightings of UFO all over the world and they are recurring almost year by year. We don't know what mission do they have and they tend to visit Earth once in a while. While we don't really  know if these aliens are just in the moon. If they do then could they pose a potential danger to us all. We never knew what they are capable of. What we do know is they do visit the Earth and do some abduction on some rare cases ever reported.

We don't know if they can wage a war against us. As we know it, they have more advanced and sophisticated tools based on the early spaceships left on Earth. 

I want to share this video and see if there's a real alien around the moon and what are their plans against us. Please have a seat and enjoy the video and you will be the judge yourself.

Thanks for viewing my post.  Video Creedits to: Youtube

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