BLOG #149: Medicines might kill you

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Marvelle wrote about her experience with drugs.  Read her blog:

Do People Take Medications "Blindly" Without Knowing All The Side Effects?

In that blog she wrote how she was almost killed if she followed the doctors prescription and took the medicines that was prescribed for her illness.  Good thing the pharmacist was wise enough to know and tell her that the drugs she was prescribed is dangerous to her.  She was saved by the pharmacist.  They called the doctor who prescribed the medication and have the prescription changed.

My answer to her question is MAYBE.  We cannot blame those who trust their doctors for everything because the doctors are the experts.  They are knowledgeable in their field.  However, the rule is Be. Cautious. Always.  Seek for a second opinion.  Admit it that we don't read the fine prints in those medicines because we believed what our physicians say.

Do you know that there are medicines that have been in the market for many years: 5 years, 10 years, 33 years, 55 years and then were recalled by the FDA because of adverse side effects?  These are prescription drugs that should help us relieve our pain, antibiotics, antidiabetes.  These medicines that are supposed to make us better actually kill us.  These medicines are recalled because it took many years before the the real side effect of continued use such drug will manifest.

If these medicines can really cure us then there should be no more diseases like hypertension, bronchitis, asthma, etc because these drugs are supposed to "cure" and "heal."  Yet, it seems these diseases are being rampant.

There were also cases wherein first world countries dump their recalled medicines to third world countries. They supply them with drugs that were already banned in their country.

For those of you who seek for "magic pill," there is no such thing.  By "those" I meant those who brought upon themselves the illnesses they have now.  You harm your body with what you eat and with the way you live and you seek for a magic pill that will cure you at once?  These diseases don't occur just like that.  It takes years for such disease to appear due to repetitive harm we do to our body.

Why are we prescribed with a lot of medications sometimes?  Because while one medicine can cure one part of the body, it does not cure it all.  So the doctor will give you medicine for your heart, another for your blood, another for your stomach, another for your liver, etc.

Prevention is better than cure.  As you already know, proper diet and proper exercise should be practiced.

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