BLOG #151: Stickers completed

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Finally, I was able to buy all the stickers yesterday.  I bought the first three stickers weeks before already but it was only yesterday that I decided to buy the bottom two.  I was irked by the "Add Now" so I finally gave in and bought them.

Also, I think that you only get the Rank and Buzz info if you went up the leaderboard.  However, I was down from 2 to 4 the past few days.  I was curious why I got these and yet my status is the same.

My buzz is 104 but my rank is still at 4 and not 2.

I clicked those and shared them to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook but I only got 5 satoshis for each.  I thought I will be getting really free bitcoins.

Also, if you comment on the posts about donations or payments received, you will get free satoshis too.  I think some of you have noticed that already.

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