BLOG #196: Let's have a bit of fun. How old do you look?

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Microsoft knows how to have fun.  Click on the image above to take you to the site where a "machine" will tell you how old you look basing on the picture you upload.  Relax.  The webpage will not keep your photo.

Using whatever algorithms, the webpage will analyze your photo and then tells you how old you really look.

It's easy to use.  Go to the website and then upload a photo.  You will get your results in a jiffy - well, that depends on how fast your internet speed is.

Justin Beiber is 21 but this is what the webpage said.


David Beckham is 40 but the site analyzed he is 45.


Hillary Clinton is 67 but lo and behold she is at 40 per the website.


I had a picture of Mr. Francesco Rullil from one of his interviews and I used that to see what the website has to say about his age.  I don't know hold old Mr. Rulli really is.


Of course the site has a disclaimer below each picture.

Don't worry if you didn't get the result you wanted.  However, I suggest you upload a pic with good lighting.

As for me, according to the website, I am 13 years more younger than my actual age.  Char!


Photo credits to CNN and Google.


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