BLOG #203: Bitlanders Surprises

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Look at the screen cap of my latest vids.  Notice the number of buzzes? That number of buzzers in just 14 hours?  I cannot believe my eyes.  I have no idea how that even got that much of buzzes in 14 hours.

I checked my other categories but they have the normal amount of buzzes that I get daily.

I was thinking that maybe it was the exposure of this article in the homepage that got me this number of viewers and buzzes.  However, upon checking my Bangkok Break article, the buzzes are what is expected for it has been there for a few months now but the videos above were only there for a few hours.

Could it be a glitch?

Waldo questioned some posts that were posted by newly signed up members who got hundreds of buzzes too and he was wondering if there is a foul play.  I don't know how the system works Waldo, but do you think there is still foul play in mine?

What benefit did those buzzes gave me you might ask.  The answer is NONE.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.

That takes me to another topic:  Power-ups.

This is another surprise.  It is obvious now that there are no more added power-ups from new subscribers.  We used to get +1 power-up from new subscribes but that is gone now.  I guess bitlanders don't have that feature anymore.

So, to maintain our power-ups, we need to log in every day, do the daily quests, submit content for review and donate.  I don't know if new referrals still have additional buzzes.

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