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Before coming here to bitlanders, I have spent my time on bitcoin faucets.  There were lots of sites that I have joined and most of those sites shut down after a few months.  I did get a few satoshis from them.  Most of those satoshis were used to fund my account in this site.  (Click to know more.)

I only earn a few from these sites because I don't have referrals and all sites today rely on referrals for you to earn more from these sites.  Unfortunately, I am one-man operating machine so I earn small.

When I got busy with bitlanders, I haven't had time to visit those faucets anymore.  Now that bitlanders is giving us less ways to earn, I decided to visit some of those faucets again.  I think most of you are already with these sites such as this site (Click for more) and this site (Click for more).

I joined one new site some days ago. Here, you just log in every day to claim whatever needs to be claimed, be it bitcoin or money.  Again, it's a meager amount so you better get your referrals to join you to earn more.

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