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What is Audiocoin?

(image source: Aurovine)


Audiocoin is another form of virtual or digital currency or cryptocurrency.  From the word itself, you can guess that it is related to sound.  The creators of Audiocoin (ADC) came up with this idea to help musicians and fans alike.  They came up with this idea to help the music industry generate income.  This is a great help for artists especially those who are new in the business and also for those who are independent musicians who want to expand their reach in the industry.  With Audiocoin, it is now easier to have access to works of others and this is another way to earn from your work.  Both artists and fans are rewarded through this platform.

According to Cryptocointalk, there are 10.5 billion maximum available Audiocoin today.


How to Earn Audiocoins


  • Aurovine



Perhaps the most interesting site to earn Audiocoin (ADC) is with Aurovine.  Ken Foster, Dave Blundell and Mark Szymik came up with the idea of digital currency for music.  Thus, they created AudioCoin and came up with Aurovine.  What Aurovine does is that it helps artists and fans alike.

The founders: Mark, Dave and Ken (image source: Aurovine)

 With Aurovine, you listen to songs, rate and share them and you get Audiocoins if you share the tracks to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Not only will the fan earn coins but also the artist.  It is a win-win situation.  It is a decentralised music currency that rewards fans and artists alike.

Although the site has available songs for different genres, take note that it still has a limited storage of files and most of the artists are not that widely known.  Check for yourselves what kind of music you like and help these artists by sharing their music while you earn doing that.

You can check out featured artists and top of the charts of Aurovine.

If you are an artist, then it's best to register with Aurovine.  Once registered and you uploaded your music, you get 250 coins.  this is limited to the first 50,000 though.  You will earn more from the sales you get from your music through streaming, being featured on the chart, sharing and sales.

For fans, 50 ADC awaits you for free once you register.

They also feature top artists and top users/fans wherein they get to share the bonus wallet.  The top artist and top fan will each get 5% of the bonus wallet.  Check out this site for more information.


  • Adcfaucet

Just like every other cryptocurrency, one way of earning Audiocoin (ADC) is through faucet.  Before collecting Audiocoin (ADC), you need to sign up here first for an Audiocoin (ADC) wallet.  Visit this site and sign up.  In that page, you will be guided as to how to set up a wallet and also an overview on of Audiocoin.

After signing up, you can visit adcfaucet and start receiving your Audiocoin (ADC).  Upon signing up, you are provided with an ADC address.  You can generate your own too for different faucets.  With adcfaucet, you can receive a range of 5-9 ADC every hour.

You have to download this wallet from this link.  This wallet has different links that works for Mac, Windows and Linux.

What I like about adcfaucet is that you don't need to enter captchas in order to get your ADC.  You just enter your Audiocoin (ADC) wallet address and then claim.

 Here is a clip showing just that.  In this clip, I already opened my ADC wallet and then opened  I copied my ADC address from my audiocoin wallet and pasted it to adcfaucet and then clicked Send Audiocoin.  You can collect again in an hour.  Just come every hour to collect your Audicoin.


 Another way to earn ADC is through Bleutrade.  Aside from ADC, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., Bleutrade has a lot of other cryptocurrencies you can buy or sell in this site.  They even have a live update on how much a certain digital currency is today in the market.  Take for example Dogecoin.

(image source: Bleutrade)


If you notice, there is a graph in which it shows you the rise and fall of the worth of Dogecoin.  Below the chart, there are Buy and Sell columns.  The buying price for one Dogecoin is BTC 0.00000079 and the selling price as of this writing is BTC 0.00000077.

Take note that every transaction you make with Bleutrade, either selling or buying, there is a corresponding fee for such.

You can check on the other virtual currencies on the right side of the chart.  You click on the cryptocurrency you want to check and it shows you the chart and also how much you can trade for such digital currency.  You can view the trading here.

Bleutrade will help you determine when you want to trade cryptocurrency or not.

Bleutrade also offers faucets for every cryptocurrency.  Since we are on Audiocoin, let's focus on that for now.

Now, in order for you to claim ADC through Bleutrade, click this link.  Remember, before you can collect from that faucet, you need to register first with Bleutrade.  Creating your account is fast and easy.  Once you have created your account, you will be provided with your personal wallet for every cryptocurrency available in this site.

(image source: Bleutrade)


After creating your account with Bleutrade, then you can start collecting ADC by entering your Bleutrade username.  After which, you solve the Captcha and then collect your ADC.  Just like with adcfaucet, you can collect your free ADC every hour.   The ADC goes directly to your Bleutrade wallet.

Here is a list of all the available coins and faucets that Bleutrade has.  There's bitcoin (BTC), dogecoin (DOGE), etc. 

(image source: Bleutrade)


There are also other available sites that you can trade your Audiocoin.

Firstly, we have Bittrex.

(image source: Bittrex)



It also shows you a graph about how much worth a certain crytopcurrency is like Audiocoin in the market today.  Just like Bleutrade, there are certain fees applicable for such transactions with Bittrex.

Another site to trade ADC or other digital currencies is through C-Cex.

(image source:  C-Cex)


As with the two trading sites above, C-Cex has it's live market update.  You can see the how much is the buying and selling is for ADC or other virtual currency.  They have lesser fees than with Bleutrade.  One thing that I notice here is the chat box.  This will surely help traders easily so they can interact with other traders and help each other in trading.  Aside from chat, they also have tweets and other important news posted below the chat box.


  •  Mining Pool

Another way to earn Audiocoin is through mining.  There are lots of mining pools listed in Cryptocointalk.  I will be listing them here and you can check the links for yourselves.  I have not tried any of these mines though but I am working on it.  I have to find time going through these mines.  I hope to find time soon.

Anyway, here are the list of mine pools.  Again, these are listed in Cryptocointalk website.  Just click on each list to take you to the mining pools.


In conclusion, I leave you with this quote from the founders of Audicoin:

"A great idea like Napster died not because of the decentralised solution it provided, but because of the archaic verticals that institutionalised the music industry. By decentralising acquisition, AudioCoin will liberate music for the benefit of both artists and fans."


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