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Where to Eat in Baguio City

Over the months that I have been here in bitlanders, I have been blogging about places to eat here in Baguio City.  As some of you know, I love to eat and because of that I like to search for different places, new places that serves something I haven't eaten yet or eating the same kind of food but trying out how they differ in taste from place to another.

Note that what I have posted in these blogs are my own opinion and based on what we have ordered that time and how the place when we dined.

I will be listing a summary of these places.  Just click on the title/names below to take you to the blog or galleries of the said cafe/restaurant.


 Located at Chapis Village Road, Baguio City.  It is a private and quiet place to enjoy food, away from the city.  They serve healthy meals such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc.  The food is made of fresh ingredients and that's the way I like it.  They are prepared while you wait.  It's a quiet place to spend a bite or enjoy a drink.



This is one of the Korean restaurants here in Baguio City.  This is located at the first floor of Lindi Hotel, Legarda Road in front of Kubo Grill.  This is the only Korean restaurant I know that serves beef samgyeopsal.  All of the other Korean restaurants here in Baguio City serve only pork samgyeopsal.

The picture below is a what's left of the meal we had eaten.


Located at Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City.  They serve coffee, cakes, pastries, smoothies, frappes, nachos, etc.  It's a good place to hang out.  This is wifi and book-provided place.  The ambiance is welcoming and relaxing.  This is one of the old houses here in Baguio that was turned into a cafe.  I like how they came up with fancy names for commonly known names of food.

They keep on decorating this place to look better and better.


Located at Bareng Drive corner Bakakeng Road, Baguio City.  If you are looking for American meals, then this is the right place for you.  They have big servings and it will surely leave you full and worth the money.

To get here, ride the jeepneys that go to Bakakeng Road.  As the jeepney drivers.  These jeepneys are parked beside Igorot Garden.


Located at La Azotea, Session Road, Baguio City.  If you are looking for a place to hang out at night with friends, you can visit Conflate.  They have schedules for different kinds of music/bands.  They even have a ballroom night.  You can have a view of Session Road by the terrace.

This is located in the heart of the city so it's easy to go to.


Located at Newton Plaza, Leonard Wood, Baguio City.  One of the places that offers buffet meals from breakfast to dinner.  They even have merienda buffet.  This is a chic and upscale hotel here in town.

To get here, ride the jeepneys of Navy Base located beside Metrobank Magsaysay Branch.  You can also ride Mines View jeepneys that ply that route going up to General Luna Road and ask the driver to drop you at Botanical Garden.  From there, just cross and follow the road going to the Newtown.  You won't miss Newtown.


Located at Private Road, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City.  For the healthy conscious, this is the right place for you.  They serve more on vegetables-based food and drinks.  They also serve baked products like banana bread, cakes, etc.  They also sell organic produce.

To get here, from the city proper, ride jeepneys going to Trancoville and ask the driver to drop you at Private Road, near Resurrection Church.

You can also check out their branch at General Luna and La Trinidad.


Located at Slaughter Compound, Baguio City.  For a cheap yet satisfying Filipino dishes, visit Carlo's Fastfood.  They serve seafood, grilled food and other Filipino dishes like Bulalo (beef stew, sinigang (fish/meat soup), etc.

To get here, ride La Trinidad or Trancoville jeepneys from town and ask the driver to drop you off Slaughter Compound.  From there, go straight ahead until you reach the basketball court.  That is where most of the fastfoods are located.


Located at La Azotea, Session Road, Baguio City (opposite Conflate).  This is a good place with a good view of Baguio City.  Their La Comida de Antonio's chicken is a must try.  This is a good place to view Burnham Park and the rest of Baguio City.


Located at Leonard Wood, Baguio City.  This is another place for "American" food.  Their Country Barbecue Glazed Ribs is their bestseller.  You may want to try their multi-layered pancakes.

To get here, ride jeepneys at Magsaysay Avenue going to Mines View.  This restaurant is along the highway.  It is near Botanical Garden and Safari Lodge.


Located at Upper Session Road, Baguio City.  Try out their hot chocolate.  It's a chocolate drink with chili - literally hot.  This is owned by Pamana, used to be Barrio Fiesta.

This is located near Casa Vallejo and below SM.


Located at Otek Street and Magsaysay Avenue (Behind Baguio Center Mall).  Good Taste is a must try.  It's famous for it's Buttered Chicken.  Their buttered chicken comes in spicy, garlicky or just plain buttered chicken.  They serve very affordable good tasting food.  Aside from Buttered Chicken, they also serve different dishes of fish, beef, vegetables, etc.  You also have to try their Cream Puffs - the best tasting in town.

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