BLOG #49: What a Day!

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What a Day!

I was not able to bit as much as I used to because of the slow internet.  Refresh button is my friend.  Even that fails.  Internet connection sometimes is intermittent.  Also, the post and galleries I have submitted to Hillary did not arrive yet.  Therefore, I am forced to cash out.


I only cashed out for the 0.025 bitcoin for that is what I can only afford for now.  I haven't received my cash out last Friday yet and I am wondering what's the delay.  Maybe there are more and more members who are cashing out.  My previous payments arrived less than two days.  I'll just wait.  I know they will arrive later on.

I have to cash out today because of the drastic decrease of my buzz score.  I can't submit gallery or posts for now because it's still worth 60 gems so cashing out is the best option.

I hope my internet connection will be okay soon so I can get back to you quickly.

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