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Announcing the new double reward topic...

Blog about Sports and Social Good!


One of our most popular Survey Chats on bitMiles is the chat about sports and social good. Sports play a key role in the education and empowerment of the young generation. Many athletes are involved in philanthropic initiatives and use their leadership to inspire young men and women and become role models.

In the Sports and Social Good chat, we ask questions about sports and how it relates to social change and can help change people's lives. We'd also like to hear from you about this.


Starting today and for 1 month (until June 16, 2016), all blogs about the Sports and Social Good (inspired by our Survey Chat and its content) that are submitted for review will receive double rewards. Share your experience with sports and education or empowerment, or talk about an initiative that inspired you like for example the ones conducted by NBA Cares. There's so much to discuss!

To submit a blog for review, once it's published, click on 'Submit for review' at the top left.



If you have suggestions of questions and answers you would like to see in the Survey Chat, email them to us (questions are limited to 150 characters and answers to 15 characters). You can also create your own survey campaign at!


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